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Sikh religion issues global edict against same-sex marriages in its temples

The leadership of the Sikh religion has issued an edict reminding its temples worldwide that they may not solemnize same-sex marriages
Akal Takht in Amritsar - the worldly seat of authority for the Sikh religion
Photo by Giridhar Appaji Nag Y

The highest worldly seat of authority for the global Sikh community has directed all of its temples around the world to not perform same-sex marriages.

Akal Takht high priest Jathedar Gurbachan Singh told the New Indian Express on Monday that same-sex marriages did not exist within the Sikh faith and that the religion’s leadership had decided to reiterate the faith’s opposition to them.

‘Management committees of [Sikh places of worship] have been told not to solemnize same-sex marriages, as there is no concept of same-sex marriages in [Sikh thinking].’ Gurbachan Singh said.

‘God has created men and women and same-sex relations are not allowed. Preachers should spread the message against same-sex marriages among the public.’

Many Sikhs have emigrated to countries which have legalized same-sex marriage such as Canada and the United Kingdom and Gurbachan Singh said the issue of same-sex marriage had been raised with him by the Sikh Council UK during a visit to Britain in September.

Gurbachan Singh also said he agreed it was right for India’s Supreme Court to reinstate the country’s colonial era Section 377 anti-sodomy law.

‘I agree with the Supreme Court verdict,’ he said.

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