Simon Cowell and David Walliams ‘bathe together’

New sketch show parodies Britain's Got Talent judges' bromance with a bubble bath

Simon Cowell and David Walliams ‘bathe together’
30 June 2012

While we knew Simon Cowell and David Walliams famously got on during the last season of Britain’s Got Talent, we didn’t expect this.

In a new video, it shows what appears to be the music mogul and British funny man sharing a romantic bath together.

As Walliams and Cowell toast champagne and servants in white linin cater to their every need, which includes rub downs, it looks like perfection.

Sadly they’re lookalikes, and the fake footage is from a new web sketch show to air on BBC3 written by BAFTA winner Alison Jackson.

Celebrity Bitchslap News is a spoof celebrity gossip show that brings you the ‘real stories’ behind the headlines.

They ask: ‘How does Simon Cowell stay looking so good?’, ‘What’s Rihanna’s latest tattoo all about?’, and ‘What really happened at Justin Bieber’s 18th birthday party?’

With a blend of real archive images and faked ‘found footage’, Jackson is hoping the audience will never be sure what is real.

Walliams affectionately called Cowell ‘My Simon’ during the sixth season of Britain’s Got Talent. Known for his camp humor, the straight Walliams often used to joke about the two being a couple.

He also once joked he was a gay man in a gay man’s body.

Check out the video here:



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