Sinéad O’Connor says it’s not accurate to call her bisexual

But the singer has 'explored' relationships with women and may do so again

Sinéad O’Connor says it’s not accurate to call her bisexual
16 March 2012

Sinéad O'Connor has had relationships with women and if she were single, would consider one in the future.

But she doesn't consider herself bisexual.

'I'm not sure if it's accurate,' she tells The Advocate in an interview published Thursday (15 March). 'In my youth, I did some exploring of bisexuality. And perhaps I said things, put labels on things, and put measurements on things that actually you can't put measurements on. I wouldn't put labels of either gay or [expletive] straight or any other thing. I do believe people often explore their sexuality.'

O'Connor, whose ninth studio album has just been released, adds that she 'was brought up to believe sex was a shame, so I was determined I was going to f*** my way beyond that. I was going to explore my sexuality. So there was maybe three occasions where I had sex with women that I fancied. I always believed that whatever kind of sex, as long as it's consensual and no one is getting hurt…is a sacred thing. No matter how filthy or sweet it might be.'

O'Connor is a mother of four and is married to her fourth husband, an Irish therapist named Barry Herridge. They met last fall after she did a blog post about her need for sexual satisfaction.

If things with Herridge don't work out, it's not entirely certain she would be looking for another man to take his place.

O'Connor says that if she were single and 'I fell in love with a woman or I fancied a woman, I wouldn't have any shame about it.'



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