Singapore gay men jump at chance to confess secrets

A Facebook page for Singapore's gay men to anonymously post their confessions has received over 500 posts in two weeks

Singapore gay men jump at chance to confess secrets
27 February 2013

A Facebook page that allows Singapore’s gay community to make anonymous confessions has proved highly popular – over 500 confessions were posted in the first two weeks.

The team behind Gay SG Confessions originally planned the page to be frivolous and gossipy, but instead they have received heart-felt pieces of writing about family estrangement and secret loves that have been kept hidden for decades.

One confession from a 57-year-old man describes his love for a classmate at school for the first time. ‘I have never said this out loud to anyone what I have always felt in my heart,’ he wrote.

Another describes a young man’s shame at being insulted by a cinema snack vendor, and vindication at hearing her being admonished her boss who told her ‘gay also human ok!’.

The anonymous team behind the page told Gay Star News that they’re received feedback that shows the page is particularly appreciated people who are just thinking about coming out.

‘The Page serves as a valuable "go-to" helpline for those who are just beginning to discover their sexuality,’ they said. 

As well as the open-hearted confessions, the page has received angry accusations that it ‘promotes and propagates a homosexual lifestyle’ – probably from the vocal anti-gay Christian lobby in Singapore.  



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