Sizzla snubs peace offering telling fans to ‘set fire to gays’

Homophobic Jamaican reggae star snubs J-FLAG's offer of help in dealing with international 'murder music' protests

Sizzla snubs peace offering telling fans to ‘set fire to gays’
24 December 2012

Homophobic Jamaican reggae star Sizzla has snubbed a peace offering by LGBT rights campaigners, instead calling for gays to be set on fire.

Sizzla’s lyrics are notorious for inciting violence against gays and LGBT groups around the world have mobilized to protest and boycott his and other homophobic dancehall artists’ concerts.

But the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG) is now offering ‘reformed’ performers help in dealing with campaigns which ‘demonize’ them and their music.

Sizzla, however, has no intention of changing his anti-gay ways, telling J-FLAG he wants ‘no sponsor from no homosexual’.

In a statement to Jamaica’s Sunday Gleaner, the ‘muder music’ star calls on gay people to be set on fire.

‘We are a people of the Almighty God. We are a biblical people. Jamaica is a Bible island. We live by the principle of the Almighty and in our Bible that we read, in the Hebrew Bible, we totally abandon homosexuals. We are against it. So we don’t need no support from them. Fire bun!’

Sizzla signed the Reggae Compassionate Act in 2007, which called for reggae to reject homophobia and respect everyone regardless of sexual orientation.

But in March this year, he again called for the murder of gay men at an appearance in New Kingston, Jamaica.

Last week, J-FLAG executive director Dane Lewis showed support for many dancehall artists who have now stopped including anti-gay messages in their lyrics.

‘The truth is we aren’t even involved in these anti-murder-music campaigns today and, in most cases, we are alerted of these protests through our local media,’ Lewis said.

‘Every now and again, some protesters might email asking for clarifications on songs and the general situation regarding LGBT Jamaicans.’

‘But, to our knowledge, far less hate music is being produced, and even sponsors have been responsive in the effort to make this type of music a thing of the past.’



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