Soccer player accused of hurling anti-gay insults at fans

Blackburn Rovers footballer Colin-Kazim Richards is under investigation for making homophobic gestures toward fans at Brighton

Soccer player accused of hurling anti-gay insults at fans
14 February 2013

A British soccer player is being investigated by police after allegedly making anti gay gestures.

Colin-Kazim Richards, 26, who currently plays for Championship team Blackburn Rovers, is being accused of making homophobic gestures towards fans in a match against Brighton and Hove Albion on Tuesday (12 February ).

Speaking to local newspaper The Argus, PC Darren Balkhan from Brighton’s Sussex Police said: ‘We will be investigating this fully and will be taking statements and looking through camera footage.

‘Whether you are on the pitch or in the stands, Sussex Police takes any allegations of homophobic language or gestures seriously.’

A Football Association spokesperson confirmed they had received a number of complaints and they would be working with police to investigate the incident.

Brighton and Hove Albion fans are often subject to homophobic abuse from other fans due to Brighton’s reputation as the gay capital of the UK.

In September, the British government named homophobia as the ‘biggest problem in football’.



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