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Sochi's barely functioning opening ceremony Olympic rings get a gay makeover

Artist and writer Barnaby Edwards turns the Sochi snowflakes into symbols that probably wouldn't pass Russia's 'gay propaganda' laws
Parody of Sochi malfunctioning Olympic rings, two male symbols and two female symbols
Barnaby Edwards

Be honest. You laughed during the Sochi Winter Games' opening ceremony when one of the snow flakes failed to switch into an Olympic ring.

Writer and artist Barnaby Edwards had some fun with that flake gone bad. He made the remaining circles into symbols for gay men and women.

Edwards' vision would make a good T-shirt, no?

While we are on the topic of attire, according to Bleacher Report you can already  purchase a T-shirt with the botched Olympic opening on the front.

'Sochi Problems.' We love them at GSN. Send us more items you think would make good shirt material. And go give Edwards a hearty thanks.

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