Soldier kiss gay marriage film out today

A short film featuring a soldier proposing to his partner hopes to drum up support for same-sex marriage in the UK

Soldier kiss gay marriage film out today
25 April 2012

A pro-gay marriage film showing a British soldier returning home and proposing to his partner is released today.

The short feature from campaign group the Coalition for Equal Marriage hopes to drum up support for the British government's plans to legalize same-sex marriage.

The film looks to tackle opposition to the proposals, which have faced fierce criticism from some religious leaders and conservative groups, arguing that if gay people can serve in the British military, then they should also have the right to marry the partner they love, free from discrimination.

'One day I would like to marry my partner of almost five years,' said Director Mike Buonaiuto.

'And the celebration of our commitment should mean no more or less than any other straight couple. I made the film to promote change and also inspire others to use their creativity to support equality.'

The UK government launched a 12-week public consultation on gay marriage last month.

Despite civil partnerships being introduced in 2005, giving gay couples equal legal rights, the change in the law would allow partners to be able to take the same vows and commitments as straight couples.

Senior members of the Anglican and Catholic churches have slammed gay marriage proposals, as well as Muslim leaders in Scotland.

A similar consultation in Scotland closed on the 9 December, attracting over 70,000 responses, making it the biggest consultation in the history of the Scottish Parliament.

The Scottish government is expected to take a decision on whether to move forward with legalisation soon.

You can sign the C4EM petition here, which like the film is supported by Gay Star News.

Contact your MP and let the government know what you think through its formal consultation. Stonewall has advice on the government’s consultation available here.

Mike Buonaiuto, filmmaker from the UK, has produced many short films for international brands and organizations, several to critical acclaim. For more information check out his site or say hello on Twitter.



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