Some Klingons are gay. Get over it!

UK gay rights campaign Stonewall’s iconic message goes intergalactic as new Star Trek film premieres in London

Some Klingons are gay. Get over it!
03 May 2013

The message ‘Some people are gay. Get over it!’ has been plastered over buses and worn on t-shirts. And now it has been translated into Klingon.

To celebrate the London premiere of the new Star Trek film Into Darkness, British gay charity Stonewall has boldly gone where no gay rights message has gone before with the translation of their iconic slogan.

In Earth text, the Klingon reads as: ‘Rut nga’chuq loDpu’, rut nga’chuq be’pu’. YiqimHa’!’

And Stonewall hopes it will encourage Trekkies to share the message and join the organization’s campaign for lesbian, gay and bisexual equality.

Stonewall deputy chief executive Ruth Hunt said: ‘Klingons may be renowned for their determination to fall out with people but, as Spock would say, even gay Klingons should be able to live long and prosper.’

Spock in the new film – which sees Captain Kirk lead a manhunt to a warzone to catch a one-man weapon of mass destruction threatening the world – is played by openly gay actor Zachary Quinto.

It’s the 10th language the slogan has been translated into. Others include Russian, Chinese, Welsh and Hebrew and all are available here. And you can download the Klingon messages from Stonewall’s Facebook page.



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