Spain delays gay marriage verdict

The decision to uphold or strike gay marriage to be made once four new justices are elected into office in the coming days

Spain delays gay marriage verdict
04 July 2012

Spain’s Constitutional Court has postponed ruling on a gay marriage law appeal.

Since the legalization of gay marriage on 3 July 2005, the country’s Popular Party has appealed the law deeming it unconstitutional.

According to El Pais, the court has decided to hold off on whether or not to honor the appeal until after four new justices are appointed in the coming week.

The new appointments have been pending since the Popular Party won a majority in November 2011.

Several other rulings, including the recognition of bi-national gay marriages, are resting on whether or not the Constitutional Court honors the appeal.

A decision from the Justice Ministry requires that at least one individual be a Spanish citizen, or both individuals be Spanish residents, in order for a binational gay marriage to be valid.

Despite this, legal questions continue to rise for Spain and foreign states including Uruguay who recently recognized the legal status of a Spanish and Uruguayan couple married in Spain.

The Popular Party hasn’t been the sole challenger of the gay marriage law. The Roman Catholic Church has also criticized the legislation, claiming a weakening of the institution of marriage.

Spain became the third country in the world to legalize gay marriage, and since then over 18,000 same-sex marriages and nearly 600 separations have taken place.



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