Speaker of Uganda’s parliament says anti-gay bill will soon be passed

Rebecca Kadaga reassures anti-gay groups that parliament will soon pass 2009's Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Speaker of Uganda’s parliament says anti-gay bill will soon be passed
01 November 2012 Print This Article

Rebecca Kadaga, the Speaker of Uganda’s parliament, has defended her anti-gay rights position and reassured her country that the Anti-Homosexuality Bill will soon be passed into law.

On her return from Canada, where she attended a conference and met Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird who criticized Uganda’s LGBT rights position, Kadaga was greeted by anti-gay associations.

‘They said I should stop the debate on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, but I assured them there is no way I can block a private members’ bill,’ said Kadaga at the airport, welcoming the religious groups, the Ugandan Daily Monitor reports.

Kadaga was also met by Member of Parliament (MP) David Bahati, who wrote the bill and proposed the death penalty for cases of ‘aggravated homosexuality’.

Now the lawmakers are opting, instead, for life imprisonment.

The 2009 Anti-Homosexuality Bill has still to gain parliamentary approval and has met the Ugandan government’s opposition.

Homosexuality is morally unacceptable to 89% of Ugandans, according to a 2010 a survey by The Pew Research Center, and as reflected by the homophobic readers’ comments on the Daily Monitor article. One commenter, Ben, wrote:

‘Homosexuality is a mental disease and scientists should mount efforts to find a remedy for it. Otherwise, we shall end up saying mad people should be given a place in society.’ 



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