Spice Girls put the zigazig-ah in Olympics closing ceremony

New rehearsal pictures are unveiled of the fab five preparing for London 2012 celebration

Spice Girls put the zigazig-ah in Olympics closing ceremony
10 August 2012

Stop right now, thank you very much, because the 90s superstar girlband Spice Girls are back for one night only.

In pictures revealed today (10 August), it shows Geri, Emma, Mel B, Mel C, and Victoria swinging it, shaking it, moving it and making it in rehearsals for the Olympics closing ceremony in London.

Pictures released on Twitter feed @SpiceWorldNet shows the fab five saying goodbye to London 2012 by dancing on the capital’s iconic black taxis.

While we do not know which song the girl group will be singing, it will be sure to have the audience hollering for more.

Gay British star George Michael and teenage heartthrob boyband One Direction will also be performing at the ceremony.

The British group, known as one of the most successful girlbands of all time, reunited in 2007 for a final world tour.

Citing ‘personal reasons’, dates in South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa were cancelled leaving many fans disappointed.

The opening ceremony, directed by Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle, shocked the world when a brief lesbian kiss was shown in a fast-moving montage of famous first kisses.

It’s sure to spice up our lives, but will you say you’ll be there? You wanna be watching the television on Sunday (12 August). Check your local listings for times.

Check out a megamix of Spice Girl’s greatest hits and rehearsal pictures here:



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