Star Trek star Chris Pine’s encounter with nearly naked gay fan in NYC

'I got chased down the street by a large man wearing a sock ... shouting 'Captain Kirk!'

Star Trek star Chris Pine’s encounter with nearly naked gay fan in NYC
28 June 2012

Chris Pine may be out promoting his new film People Like Us but he can’t escape his most famous role of Captain Kirk in the Star Trek movies.

The handsome actor appeared on Conan O’Brien’s late night show this week to chat up the movie and shared a harrowing and humorous experience he had while visiting New York City last weekend.

‘I didn’t realize it was Gay Pride Day,’ he said. ‘It was like 150,000 men all very excited.’

He was walking from his hotel in the East Side to a friend’s house on the West Side ‘wearing a tank top. It was hot out.’

Then, it happened.

‘I got chased down the street by a large man wearing a sock (around his private parts) shouting, ‘Captain Kirk!” It was quite a welcome to the city.’

Pine said he managed to elude the nearly naked man and make it back to his hotel ‘in about 12 minutes.’



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