Stephen Fry adds to illustrated story of 365 tweets

The 3hundredand65 Project is creating a graphic novel using Twitter messages in aid of teenage cancer charity

Stephen Fry adds to illustrated story of 365 tweets
07 March 2012

Gay British actor, author, TV presenter and comic Stephen Fry is the latest writer to join a project which is creating a graphic novel using people's tweets.

The 3hundredand65 Project's creator, designer Dave Kirkwood, provides one illustration per day to the story using messages sent from Twitter users.

The project, which is raising money for The Teenage Cancer Trust, will use contributions from 365 volunteer writers and Fry is scheduled to tweet his part of the story on 23 May.

'We are so pleased that Stephen Fry has put his creative talent and influence behind The 3hundredand65 Project,' said Kirkwood, who is from Manchester in the north of England.

'We hope Fry's involvement will encourage other celebrities to get in touch and pledge to write just one tweet for us.'

A new iPhone app has also been released, which allows people to keep up to date with the story, view the latest illustration, learn more about the writers involved in the project and donate to cancer charity.



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