Stephen Fry is ‘proud to say I’m gay’ in new video

British comic, TV presenter, actor and author Stephen Fry is the latest celeb to record a Proud2Be gay video

Stephen Fry is ‘proud to say I’m gay’ in new video
08 May 2012

Out gay actor and author Stephen Fry is the latest high profile figure to record a Proud2Be video.

Several gay politicians, celebrities and organisations have uploaded Proud2Be videos to combat gay-shame and encourage all LGBT people to be proud of who they are.

‘Part of life to learn what to be ashamed of and what to be proud of,’ said British gay comedian Stephen Fry. ‘I won’t ever apologize for being born the way I was and feeling the way I do.’

Stephen Fry was named the second-most influential gay person in Britain in 2009 and currently has over four million followers on Twitter. Fry managed to crash the Gay Star News website earlier this year with a single Tweet.

Other out gay public figures who’ve filmed Proud2Be videos include gay rights campaigner Peter Tatcell, Labour MEP Michael Cashman, deputy speaker of the House of Commons Nigel Evans and the London Gay Men’s Chorus.

Following the success of gay empowerment video campaigns like It Gets Better and its Spanish-language counterpart Todo Mejora, identical twin brothers Matt and Jone Price started Proud2Be by delivering a ‘proud to be gay’ message in June 2011.

These user-driven awareness campaigns have risen in popularity as a response to the increasing reports of gay suicides and homophobic bullying from around the world.

Britain’s leading lesbian, gay and bisexual rights organization Stonewall has urged for national data to reflect the ‘alarming statistics’ of suicide rates among the gay, bi and trans community.

James Taylor of Stonewall told Gay Star News: ‘What we want to see is a greater recognition of these issues, including that suicide and self-harm do effect lesbian, gay and bisexual people disproportionately.’

This year Proud2Be will run workshops around the country targeting friends, families and educators to reinforce a message of pride within the LGBT community.

Visit Proud2Be’s website to join the campaign.



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