Stonewall tells Britain to ‘get on with it’ on gay marriage

Stonewall's new message to the UK government is 'some people are gay, get on with it' and bring in equal gay marriage

Stonewall tells Britain to ‘get on with it’ on gay marriage
12 July 2012

‘Some people are gay. Get on with it!’ is the new message from Stonewall to the UK government as Britain awaits same-sex marriage equality.

The charity, the country’s leading lesbian, gay and bisexual campaign organization, had previously seen its messaging ‘Some people are gay. Get over it!’ go viral online and be turned into a series of products.

Now the subtly new message emphasizes that the time is right now to go ahead and give gay and lesbian couples the same marriage rights as straight people.

The new slogan is available on postcards, social media profile banners and posters to push gay marriage to the top of the government’s agenda.

The quirky little images can be used as profile pictures or cover photos on Facebook and the postcards are useful for sending Stonewall’s message outside the UK.

UK ministers have pledged to introduce equal marriage by 2015 however the proposal was included in the Queen’s Speech which sets out the government’s agenda for the year ahead.

Stonewall also conducted a recent opinion poll through government organisation YouGov on equal marriage. The poll returned 84 per cent of Britons under 30 support the plan.

‘The deputy prime minister, a great supporter of equality, recently talked of “argy-bargy” around equal marriage,’ said Stonewall chief executive Ben Summerskill. ‘We can help him cut through it – our very straightforward Draft Marriage Bill was published months ago.

‘Much of the work is done – it really is time for the government to get on with it.’

Ruth Hunt, Stonewall’s director of public affairs added: ‘We’re determined that same sex marriage won’t turn into another tuition fees issue, announced with much fanfare and then quietly dropped.

‘We trust the understandably high volume of responses to the government’s recent consultation won’t be used as an excuse for shunting the issue towards the end of this parliament.’

The design and message are an extension from Stonewall’s recent campaign slogans: ‘Some guys marry guys, Get Over It!’ and ‘Different Couples, Same Love!’

Meanwhile Stonewall has also released ‘tote’ bags with the slogan ‘Totes heart equal marriage’ (‘totes’ is slang for totally). You can buy them here.

If you want to support the campaign you can follow Stonewall on Facebook and Twitter, or you can download a free postcard from the campaign page on Stonewall’s site. Actual postcards can be freely ordered from the site as well.

Stonewall’s Draft Marriage Bill can be viewed in full on their website.



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