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Stop gay marriage in Scotland or lose your seat, politicians warned

Gay rights groups condemn the threat, saying gay marriage is the ‘right thing to do for a fairer and more equal Scotland’
Bill Kidd MSP is under threat by anti-gay marriage campaign groups.

Politicians are being warned to stop or amend gay marriage legislation in Scotland or they will lose their seat.

Anti-gay lobbying group Scotland for Marriage has said it will use its influence to unseat Members of Scottish Parliament (MSPs) who support equal marriage.

Their efforts are focused on Labour and Scottish National Party (SNP) politicians who voted overwhelmingly in favor of equal marriage last month.

John Pentland, Duncan McNeil, Iain Grey of Labour are being targeted, as well as Bill Kidd, Fiona McLeod, George Adam, Gil Paterson, David Torrance, Marco Biagi and Sandra White from SNP.

Scotland for Marriage claim to have 55,000 supporters across Scotland and believe they have enough supporters to unseat the pro-gay politicians.

A Scotland For Marriage spokesperson said: ‘This is not a threat. It is merely democracy in action. Our supporters are against same sex marriage, MSPs have already indicated they are inclined to back the legislation.’

The Equality Network, the Scottish LGBT equality charity, has countered by saying introducing equal marriage is the ‘right thing to do for a fairer and more equal Scotland.’

Tom French, policy co-ordinator for The Equality Network, said: ‘Everyone is entitled to engage in the democratic process, but all the polls show that the large majority of people across Scotland believe it's time LGBT people had full equality, including an equal right to marry the person they love.

‘Introducing equal marriage is the right thing to do for a fairer and more equal Scotland, and with widespread public support it's also a vote-winner.

'That's why all the party leaders, and the overwhelming majority of MSPs from across the political parties, voted in favour of equal marriage when it came to a free vote in the Scottish Parliament.’

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