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Straight male celebs kiss to fight gay hate in Russia

Germany GQ has launched the 'Gentleman against Homophobia' campaign, aiming to spread love and stamp out intolerance across Europe and the world

Straight male celebs have kissed in order to fight homophobia in Russia, Germany and around the world.

In the brand new German campaign, titled #Mundpropaganda (a pun on ‘word of mouth’ and ‘kissing propaganda’), the hunks are hoping to stamp out intolerance and discrimination.

Lifestyle monthly GQ, generally known for advertising fast cars and hot women to its readers, launched the Gentlemen Against Homophobia campaign.

13 celebrities puckered up for the pics. While relatively unknown outside of the country, they included actor August Diehl, the band Revolverheld and singer Herbert Grönemeyet.

Six incredible photos were produced, aiming to be published all over Germany on buses, posters and billboards.

‘The intolerance that homosexuals are still fighting against is shocking,’ Editor-in-Chief José Redondo-Vega said.

‘With #Mundpropaganda  we wanted to give a clear sign in favor of a free society.’

He added to The Local male celebs kissing each other showed ‘admirable courage’.

Some people who GQ approached to take part in the campaign said no, proving Germany has a ‘long way to go’.

See all of the pics in January edition of German GQ available tomorrow (12 December).

If you would like to see a behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot, click below (Video in German):

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What I'd like to see is U.S.GQ to get Adam Levine,Bradley Cooper,
Taylor Lautner,Josh Hutcherson,Ryan Reynolds,Ben Affleck,Shia LeBeouf,
Mark Wahlberg,Matthew McConaughey,and Ryan Gosling, just to name a few, to take part in this campaign in the U.S.! :)

call me a sour puss but i really dont see what the connection is between straight male celebs and being gay and tolerance. wouldn't this campaign be more effective if its been done by gays... besides kissing? again, being gay is linked with sex.. just dont get it...

As much as I sympathize with the cause, this campaign is more likely to backfire than achieve anything positive. The Russian media (God bless them) loves to portray Europe as immoral and peverted at every opportunity. These photos will just play into their hands. GQ couldn't have done more damage if they tried!

Balderdash! The "Russian media" couldn't get any worse on this issue. Your argument is like that of gay/lesbian apologists who say that gay pride events that celebrate diversity and body freedom are a threat to gay rights because of "what straight people might think about flamboyant gays, transexuals, and transvestites". I thank these straight men who had the courage to face shaming by other straight men in order to make a powerful statement about sexual orientation freedom - whatever kind. And good for them for doing so!