Straight twin twinks learn gay slang in new video

British twins Jack and Finn learn from gay American YouTube phenomenon Tyler Oakley in a viral collaboration

Straight twin twinks learn gay slang in new video
28 September 2012

Prepare for a video so sugary sweet you’ll have no choice but to call your dentist.

Gay American YouTube phenomenon Tyler Oakley met with a pair of identical British brothers while on vacation to do some transatlantic education.

Oakley decided to teach these two, sadly straight, twins some gay slang including ‘twink’, ‘bear’, and ‘kiki’.

Proving that British dentistry has advanced a long way, the twins Jack and Finn thought ‘twink’ was a type of sweet, and ‘throwing shade’, or insulting someone, was taking off your clothes.

Oakley explained, saying: ‘You both are twinks. If you were gay, you’d be a twink. You’d be like a young, cute, gay guy.’

The twins accurately guessed what a ‘bear’ was, a hairy gay person, and what ‘Grindr’ was, a gay dating app.

The London brothers returned the favor, in another video, where they taught Oakley about British slang like ‘chuffed to bits’, which means being pleased, and ‘grub’, meaning food.

After the video went live on Friday (21 September), it has been watched nearly 500,000 times.

Check out the video here:



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