Strictly Come Dancing star Lisa Riley is gay man in woman’s body

Dance partner Robin Windsor says former Emmerdale actor Riley is camp, fun and like a gay man

Strictly Come Dancing star Lisa Riley is gay man in woman’s body
26 November 2012

Strictly Come Dancing star Lisa Riley’s is a gay man trapped in a woman’s body, her dancing partner Robin Windsor has said.

The British TV show, now on its 10 season, is equivalent to Dancing With The Stars in other countries.

And it has become known for its comical dancers, including gay astrologer Russell Grant and clumsy homophobic politician Ann Widdecombe.

Buff professional dancer Windsor was initially worried about being partnered with Riley who played Mandy Dingle in TV soap Emmerdale before hosting home video show You’ve Been Framed.

Now the 32-year-old has changed his mind.

Taking off his shirt for a shoot in UK gay mag GT’s new edition, he says: ‘When I first got partnered with Lisa I was a bit frightened. I didn’t know that I would be able to get her to dance the way that she can.

‘Everyone expected her to be a joke – like the next Ann Widdecombe or John Sergeant,’ he said.

‘But once we got into rehearsal and did our cha-cha during week one it brought the house down.

‘I think there is a gay man inside of Lisa just screaming to get out. She’s camp, she’s fun, she loves her musical theatre.

‘We’re both very similar and we just feed and bounce off each other all day at rehearsal.’

He also said gay Strictly fans shouldn’t expect to see a same-sex male couple dancing together any time soon.

‘I doubt we’ll ever see a same sex couple dancing on Strictly. It’s difficult with the ballroom dances to put two guys together.

‘The Latin dances you can make into a challenge between two guys but you struggle with the ballroom dances.’

See them in action doing that cha-cha here:



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