Sue Perkins, Boy George and others to attend anti-gay bullying event

Lily Allen, Michelle Dockery, and Charlie Condou are among the stars attending anti-gay bullying event hosted by Diversity Role Models

Sue Perkins, Boy George and others to attend anti-gay bullying event
21 September 2012

TV presenter Sue Perkins, Coranation Street star Charlie Condou and 80s legend Boy George will be among a host of stars attending an anti-gay bullying event.

The celebrities will be joined by the likes of Downton Abbey actress Michelle Dockery and pop star Lily Allen at the Diversity Role Models (DRM) Charity Carnival in October.

Guests will get the chance to play on celebrity-hosted carnival stalls and enjoy a musical set by bluesy singer Alison Moyet.

A spokesperson for the charity Stephanie Highett told Gay Star News: ‘ The carnival is our single biggest fundraising initiative this year and also a major opportunity to raise DRM’s profile for the longer-term.

The funds raised at the event will be used to accelerate the charity’s ambitions of being able to offer our workshops to schools throughout the UK.’

I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here winner and regular panto dame Christopher Biggins will host an auction, with prizes including dinner with rugby star and gay rights campaigner Ben Cohen and a ceramic dog designed by Grayson Perry.

Other prizes up for grabs on the night will include a day at the races with lesbian TV commentator Clare Balding and a swimming/dance lesson with sports star Mark Foster.

The charity has already had some high profile support from people such as Doctor Who actor David Tennant and counts openly gay rugby player Gareth Thomas as one of its trustees.

Talking about the carnival, Tennant said: ‘I am delighted to be supporting the Diversity Role Models Carnival at Paramount.

‘It is essential that young people have the opportunity to meet role models from the LGBT community, to help break down stereotypes and prejudice that lead to bullying.

Founded one year ago by ex-teacher Suran Dickson, the charity has already worked with 1800 school students to change their attitudes towards gay and lesbian people.

Speaking to Gay Star News, Dickson said: ‘A lot of our work is to do with educating kids so they meet real gay people and real trans people and they understand and empathize with them.’

Figures released by the charity claim 94% of the students they have worked with would treat an gay person better now, than they would have before going through one of their workshops.

DVM also say 91s% of the pupils who went through the workshop said they would try to use the word ‘gay’ less in the pejorative sense.

The Celebrating Diversity Carnival will be held 25 October at Paramount bar on London’s Oxford Street. Click to buy tickets.



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