Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles wants to hurry along Country music’s acceptance of gays

Singer says: 'OK, come on, let's move faster. Let's get there faster. Let's get it done. This should have already been behind us'

Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles wants to hurry along Country music’s acceptance of gays
19 February 2014 Print This Article

Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles has had a strong connection to the gay community from her early days with lesser-known bands.

So it’s no surprise that the gay-friendly singer wants to see Country music become more accepting of openly gay artists.

‘ … For me in terms of social motivation and evolution and moving forward, I always feel – be it within a music genre or a religious movement or whatever – like, "OK, come on, let’s move faster. Let’s get there faster. Let’s get it done." This should have already been behind us,’ Nettles said in an interview with PrideSource published Tuesday (18 February)

Nettles, who has just released her first solo album called That Girl, shed some light on why her music has resonated with gays.

‘The resounding message here is authenticity,’ she says. ‘Within the gay community, the courage it takes to be one’s authentic self – even if you’re viewed as different – is inspiring. Consequently there is definitely a connection in that degree of authenticity – and doing it because you gotta be who you are – that connects my music with the gay community.’

While Country music is not known to embrace gays, Nettles says she has never gotten any flak for being a staunch straight ally.

‘I think people know better,’ she says. ‘In the sense that I definitely try to live as authentically and honestly as I can, I think it’s known that I am supportive of human rights, gay rights and civil rights across the board. It’s pretty well known where I stand.’



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