Supergays film shown at Mumbai Queer Film Festival

A short film made by Lisa Dazols and Jenni Chang, the couple traveling the world in search of 'supergays' will be shown at Kashish queer film festival

Supergays film shown at Mumbai Queer Film Festival
18 April 2012

A short film by Lisa Dazols and Jenni Chang, the lesbian couple traveling the world in search of 'supergays' will be shown Kashish, the Mumbai Queer Film Festival, at the end of May.

Dazols and Chang left their home in San Francisco last June and since then have been traveling around Australia, Asia, Africa and South America looking for inspiring role models fighting for LGBT rights.

Eat, Pray and Supergays, their short filmed during their stint in India, features interviews with Ashok Row Kavi about Hinduism's attitude to homosexuality; Aditya Bondyopadhyay, a leading attorney in the 2009 high court decision to decriminalise homosexuality in India; Betu and Maya who run a support organisation for queer women and India's only out royal gay, Prince Mavendra Singh Gohil.

'When we left for a year on a mission to document stories of supergays around the world, I had a lot of fear around the success of our project. After all, Jenni and I have no experience in journalism or film making,' said Dazols. 'But, sometimes the best thing you can do is jump into deep water in order to learn to swim. Because we didn’t know anything, we certainly were not afraid to ask for help and advice. We learned that these days, you can google your way through most tasks. We also found that people are extremely generous with their time when they believe in your cause.'

Dazol and Chang are now in Chile and will get home to San Francisco this June. When they get there they are going to work on a feature-length documentary about their round-the-world trip.

'We're thrilled to see one of our short films accepted,' Dazols told Gay Star News. 'I had sent the video to an online listserve in Mumbai so that LGBT people in India could view the supergays we met in their country. Someone saw it and asked us to apply to the festival. We now have a new confidence for our upcoming documentary.'

Watch the ten-minute film here:



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