Superman’s big gay secret

Man of steel has shocked the world several times, but you have to find out what happens when everyone's favorite superhero encounters pink kryptonite

Superman’s big gay secret
26 September 2013

Superman has got a big gay secret.

GSN has been looking through our comic book vaults and has discovered a storyline you have to see.

In the plot of a Supergirl comic, Superman is affected by ‘pink kryptonite’ – making him gay.

‘You know, Superman’s been acting awfully strange since being exposed to pink kryptonite. What do you think’s wrong with him’ Lois Lane asks in the issue.

Supergirl responds by saying: ‘Lois, you so don’t want to know,’ as Superman speaks to the young photographer Jimmy Olson.

‘Did I ever tell you how smashing you look in bowties, Jimmy? By the way, that’s a fabulous window treatment you’ve put together.’

Jimmy gulps, and goes ‘Gee… thanks I guess.’

Sort of offensive? Sure! Amusing? Definitely.

If you’d like to check out the issue for yourself, it’s from Supergirl (vol.4) #79, a storyline written by Peter David.

Check out a panel below:



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