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Survey undermines progress of same-sex marriage in Vietnam

Survey shows on 37% of the public support gay marriage in Vietnam, and 58% are against it
Truong Van Hen and Nguyen Hoang Bao Quoc's wedding ceremony

A survey released last week shows that public support could be a obstacle to government interest in legalizing same sex marriage in Vietnam.

The survey by Vietnamese social research group and rights advocates Institute of Studies of Society, Economy and Environment (iSEE) showed that only 37% of those interviewed support same-sex marriage and 58% actively oppose it.

This could make it difficult for the government to pass same-sex marriage legislation. The government in the communist one-party state started consulting on gay marriage in July and are planning to discuss it at the national congress in the spring.

Le Quang Binh, director of iSEE told Gay Star News that public opposition to same-sex marriage could effect the government's decision to legalize it, but they will also consider how many people the law will effect.

Le told Viet Week that the reasons people gave for being against gay marriage 'reflect the dominant heterosexual philosophy behind sex, marriage and family'. 

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Same-sex marriage is not legal in Vietnam, nor is any other form of same-sex union recognized. Previous laws against all forms of cohabitation were repealed under a new marriage law approved by the parliament in 2000.In May 2012, a gay couple in Ha Tien held a traditional, public wedding at their home but were stopped by local authorities. The event was reported widely on Vietnamese media and started a heated debate on the banc de swiss issue. Two months later, the Vietnamese Justice minister, Ha Hung Cuong, announced that the government was considering legalising same-sex marriage, stating that "in order to protect individual freedoms, same-sex marriage should be allowed." The subject was expected to be debated at the National Assembly congress in spring 2013.However, in February 2013, the Ministry of Justice requested that the National Assembly avoid action until 2014.] In June 2013, the Ministry of Justice submitted the bill that removes the ban on same-sex marriage from the Marriage and Family Law and provides some rights for cohabiting same-sex couples. The National Assembly is due to debate it in October 2013.