Susan Sarandon says ‘it’s not a big deal’ playing bisexual

Thelma and Louise star says if you set yourself a gender, 'you're ruling out a lot of possibility'

Susan Sarandon says ‘it’s not a big deal’ playing bisexual
06 September 2012 Print This Article

Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon has said it’s ‘not a big deal’ playing bisexual in her latest film Jeff, Who Lives At Home.

The Thelma And Louise star plays a mother to two troubled men, played by comedy actors Jason Segal and Ed Helms, who realizes she also likes women after seeking solace from a friend.

In an interview with the British newspaper Metro, she said: ‘It doesn’t matter the age, race, gender of the person you choose to be with. What’s difficult is being intimate with another human being.

‘Once you learn to do that, the rest is just details.

‘There are so many people who found themselves in unforeseen situations. Where you come down on the sexual spectrum is very flexible but it takes courage to be vulnerable to another person – that’s the big step that has to be taken.’

Jeff, Who Lives At Home premiered at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival, and grossed over $4 million dollars (£2.5m, €3.1m).

Sarandon, also known for her Oscar-winning performance for Dead Man Walking, compared her character to a study which found more widowed and divorced women were turning to other women.

She said: ‘I don’t think it’s that big a deal. I could imagine that happening.

‘It has to do with finding that person and once you set limits of age, gender, finances – you’re ruling out a lot of possibility.’

Jeff, Who Lives At Home is out on DVD from 17 September.

Check out the trailer here:



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