Sweden is euphoric over victory at Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision 2012 celebrates three hour show filled with usual camp and controversy

Sweden is euphoric over victory at Eurovision Song Contest
26 May 2012

Eurovision 2012 has come to a spectacular end with a three hour show filled with the usual camp and controversy.

The competition tonight (26 May) in Baku, Azerbaijan, saw Sweden win with 372 points going to 28-year-old Loreen for her club hit, Euphoria.

The winners:

Sweden: Loreen delivered a mesmerizing performance to take the crown for Sweden for the first time since Charlotte Neilson’s Take Me To Your Heaven in 1999. The Swedes love Eurovision so it is fitting that Stockholm will be the host to the campest show on Earth in 2013.

Russia: Although they failed to take the crown, the Russian grannies may be the most remembered act of Eurovision 2012. Expect to see lots more of these ladies as their popularity is spreading fast!

Spain: The Spanish government will be pleased Pastora failied to win given the perilous state of the Spanish economy and the costs involved in hosting the show, but Spain can be very proud with one of their best performances in years.

Serbia: Željko Joksimović almost pulled off a repeat of his second place in 2004 when representing Serbia & Montenegro, but third is still a fantastic achievement. 

The losers:

Norway:  Norway will be sad to have come last in the international pop festival. They had six points for Tooji’s performance of Stay. 

United Kingdom: Despite sending a world known star, Englebert Humperdinck, the UK could not improve on last year’s position and was ranked in second to last place with a paltry 12 points. 

Italy: Nina Zilli’s Amy Winehouse inspired performance seemed like it could be a winner, but the Italian could not improve on their comeback second place last year. 

The Eurovision 2013 grand final is tentatively scheduled for 18 May.  See you next year!



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