Swiss Greens pushing for gay marriage and tax equality

The Green Liberal Party of Switzerland put forward a parliamentary initiative on Tuesday which would allow same-sex couples to marry in the face of efforts by the country’s Christian Democrats to ban same-sex marriage while treating gay and straight couples the same for tax purposes

Swiss Greens pushing for gay marriage and tax equality
06 December 2013

Switzerland’s Green Liberal Party wants to make sure people are taxed the same regardless of whether they are in same or opposite-sex committed relationships and also want to allow gay couples to marry, putting forward two parliamentary initiatives to that end Tuesday.

The Green Liberals are seeking to provide Swiss lawmakers with an alternative to a proposal by the country’s Christian Democratic People’s Party which seeks to end discrimination based on living arrangements in the tax code but would also define marriage as being between a man and a woman in the Swiss Constitution – adding an additional barrier to the legalization of same-sex marriage.

The Green Liberals’ first proposal would prohibit married couples and couples in registered partnerships from being treated differently under law.

The second would mandate that people are allowed access to all parts of community life regardless of gender identity of sexual orientation including marriage.

Switzerland’s seven member Federal Council, which is its collective head of state, has recommended lawmakers back the Christian Democratic People’s Party proposal.

However the Christian Democrats’ proposal has been attacked by LGBTI rights groups in Switzerland for its intention of banning equal recognition of same-sex relationships while treating them the same for tax purposes.

The Swiss Greens hope lawmakers who support marriage equality will vote for their proposal instead.



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