Sydney Anglican Archbishop calls gay marriage ‘unholy matrimony’

Sydney Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies has said that if Australia legalizes same-sex marriage they should be referred to as ‘unholy matrimony’ by Christians

Sydney Anglican Archbishop calls gay marriage ‘unholy matrimony’
15 October 2013

If Australia legalizes same-sex marriage, Sydney Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies says it should be described as ‘unholy matrimony’ by Christians.Davies made the comments yesterday in his 2013 presidential address to the Sydney Anglican Synod.

Davies conceded ‘agitation for so-called gay marriage’ will not ‘easily disappear,’ but reiterated his church’s opposition to it, saying it was contrary to God’s will.

‘Specious arguments for “marriage equality” and “equal opportunity” have become the mantra of many, without any serious engagement with the nature of marriage,’ Davies told the Sydney Anglican Synod yesterday.

‘Even if the law regarding matrimony were to change in this country, we can still declare such a union as contrary to God’s law, or perhaps we should describe it simply as unholy matrimony’.’

Davies said the Anglican Church needed great courage to stand against the direction of mainstream Australian as it ‘slipped further and further away from the tenets of scriptural authority and biblical morality,’ in regard to same-sex marriage, abortion and euthanasia.

Davies also welcomed an Australian Government Royal Commission into institutional child sex abuse though he conceded that it might uncover failings within his church and others.

Davies was elected Archbishop in August following the retirement of Archbishop Peter Jensen who was a leading figure in the anti-gay, anti-female ordination wing of the Anglican Global Communion.



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