Sydney sidewalk outside Russian embassy painted rainbow for gay rights

Australia's LGBT community have gathered to chalk the streets with rainbow colors to protest Russia's rising homophobia

Sydney sidewalk outside Russian embassy painted rainbow for gay rights
12 August 2013

Somewhere over the chalk-drawn rainbow, way up high, there’s a sense of gay pride doodling its way across Australia and the world.

DIY Rainbow, an Australian protest movement, have chalked up another achievement by drawing a rainbow flag outside Sydney’s Russian embassy.

In the quiet suburb of Woollahra, gay rights activists spoke out by creating the new road-art feature outside the building in protest of Putin’s anti-gay laws.

This is a continuing theme of protest among the LGBT community with Stockholm’s Russian Embassy receiving a similar colour treatment.

From Paris to Cambodia, the rainbow is spreading globally with people sharing their  pictures online via social media in an effort to promote sexual equality.

James Brechney, founder of DIY Rainbow, say people should not get angry and ‘get chalking’.

The DIY Rainbow campaign originally set out to chalk the streets with rainbows following the removal of a temporary rainbow road-crossing from Sydney’s Oxford Street.

The rainbow-coloured road markings were originally put in the centre of Sydney to coincide with the 35th Madi Gras festival, taking inspiration from West Hollywood.

However despite a petition to make the rainbow road a permanent feature, it was soon removed causing community protests and internet activism campaigns.

Speaking to, Brechney joked about the reports of chalk shortages in Australia due to this recent uprising.

He had not expected the viral response that his chalking has gained, saying: ‘I can’t keep track of how many crossings there are, it’s phenomenal.

‘I think it’s such a great way to celebrate the end of a short lived crossing. Now it’s about a whole bunch of stuff; celebrating diversity, celebrating fun.’



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