Tailored packages to meet your needs from GSN

At Gay Star News we don’t ‘sell’ you things, we create products just for you and then help you make the most of them

Tailored packages to meet your needs from GSN
05 October 2012

The first time you speak to one of us at Gay Star News, you’ll be joining us on an exciting journey – all about you.

We will start by learning what your needs are and tailor a package to suit you.

We’ll use all the digital power at our disposal to generate buzz and clicks for you. Adverts, social media, sponsored editorial, editorial, emails, polls, surveys, sponsorship opportunities, real-world marketing and far more – it may be beyond the reach of old-fashioned media companies but it’s what we do every day.

Most people think it’s the 24-hour rolling news service we offer which is our unique selling point. But it’s the quality we give our clients and our audience that makes the biggest difference.

And there are some other important distinctions between us and other LGBT media you need to know about.

Firstly we don’t have any sexual content, advertising or pictures. Our audience don’t want it. A lot of gay media is currently run by pornographers and the gay market has been crying out for a break – the amazing response to GSN proves that.

As a result Gay Star News has gained more sophisticated clients and users. We are excited about that because we want our site to be accessible to everyone, from a gay professional sitting behind his or her desk at work to a teenager just coming out and to the wider public too.

We also restrict advertising to quality brands. We know your brand is a key asset (as is ours) and we don’t want to risk cheapening it by putting it in the wrong environment. That’s another pledge other LGBT media simply don’t offer.

Our experienced team is used to working with a full range of clients, across all sectors and in every corner of the world. Our tailored, digital approach means we can give the same quality to everyone.

Finally, Gay Star News has a fanatical client service ethos. We will continue working with you so we use every opportunity to promote your brand and deliver results.

We love getting creative with our clients and we are itching to start our journey with you and get you connected with the global LGBT audience – the world’s most dynamic market.

Get in touch with our sales team for more information.

Find out more about us in this short GSN video:



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