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Taiwan pride marcher shows Manhunt love

Gay Star News captures the enthusiastic and supportive vibe at this weekend's Taipei LGBT Pride parade
Gay Star News captures an enthusiastic supporter at Taiwan's LGBT Pride.
Photo by: Richard Frost.

The great thing about gay pride events is they don't discriminate against age, sex or race.

This pride-goer was all smiles at the weekend's march, flashing a smile with his Manhunt fan as he joined an estimated 60,000 marchers.

Taipei's LGBT pride is being called Asia's biggest gay pride event, with approximately 4,000 attendees coming from abroad.

Make LGBT Visible 2.0, this year's march theme, sought to raise awareness of Taiwan's sexual minorities throughout Asia and around the world. Joining pride-goers were employees from Fortune 500 companies including Google and Goldman Sachs.

Gay Star News has more photos of the fun at this year's Taipei LGBT Pride parade.

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