Taiwanese scholar: homosexuality is ‘unnatural’, akin to cleft lips

Immanuel Chih-Ming Ke suggests being born gay doesn't make it more acceptable

Taiwanese scholar: homosexuality is ‘unnatural’, akin to cleft lips
10 November 2013

A biblical philosopher has compared homosexuality to cleft lips and limblessness on air, driving students from his university to petition online against him.

Immanuel Chih-Ming Ke, Associate Professor at Taiwan’s Providence University, was invited by public service broadcaster PTS to debate the possibility of same-sex marriage with advocates, including the lesbian couple who held a Buddhist wedding last year.

As the discussion neared its end, the program host asked Ke: ‘So, is homosexuality unnatural?’

‘Of course not,’ replied Ke shortly, according to the Liberty Times.

‘A person may be born with a cleft lip, or just one hand but you can’t say he is natural just because he is born this way,’ he added.

In response, Providence University’s LGBT society started calling on their vice-chancellor to address the disrepute and damage Ke’s discriminatory words brought about, receiving over 2500 signatures within a day.

Ke has refused to be interviewed, saying his views were taken out of context.

But Ke had indeed made similar comparisons. Citing an article written by Ke, The Christian Herald reported in July that he believes people who are born co-joined, mute, or armless are prevented from realizing humankind’s inherent quality.

Gays are as ‘unnatural’ and ‘abnormal’ as them by the same token. Homosexuality is also unnatural, he says, because it rids human beings of a prerequisite to exist in the world, procreation.

According to a supporter’s blog , Ke has been preaching the words of God since college.

Blog owner Prisca Ya-Chi Chiu describes Ke as having ‘a penetrating insight into the problems of the modern world—the world which rejects God, absolute, transcendence, eternity, and the world that strives for uninhibited rights, unbridled freedom, and sexual emancipation.’



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