Take That manager’s gay bar saved before pride

Queer bar in Manchester re-opens in time for pride after attack forced it to close in July

Take That manager’s gay bar saved before pride
22 August 2012 Print This Article

A Manchester gay bar owned by former manager of British boyband Take That has been saved from closure just days before the UK city’s pride festival.

The Canal Street pub called Queer faced closure after police called for an emergency licence review following an attack at the venue last month (July 2012) left a man bleeding from the head.

Nigel Martin-Smith ran a campaign to keep the bar open and has now finally been given the green light by the council to re-open under the condition only plastic glasses are used.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News last month, Martin-Smith said he had invested millions in the city’s gay village and denied Queer bar was a crime hotspot.

He said: ‘There have been two, possibly three serious incidents here in the last 12 months.

‘With 3,000 people coming through our doors each week, that’s a good record. There are two or three incidents each night in some bars in Manchester.’

Manchester Pride’s ‘big weekend’ celebrations will kick off on Friday (24 August), with live music and a street party all planned. Its annual parade will take place on Saturday (25 August).

Camp pop group Steps will be the big act of the event on Friday night, with British soul singer Alison Moyet headlining Sunday night at the Gaydar Main Arena.

Manchester Pride is also supported by Gay Star News as a media partner.



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