Target launches same-sex wedding registry ad

The Minneapolis-based retail corporation remains 'neutral' on the state's upcoming marriage amendment that would ban gay marriage 

Target launches same-sex wedding registry ad
29 July 2012

Target, one of America’s largest retail stores, is promoting its wedding registry to gay couples.

With an ad that reads ‘Be yourself, together’ and ‘Build a Target Wedding Gift Registry as unique as the two of you’, Target has made another step in pro-gay rights despite its anti-gay past.

‘The Target Wedding Registry advertising campaign is designed to reach all guests and represent the diversity of communities we serve, said Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder in a statement.

‘At the heart of our company are core values which include Target’s long-standing commitment to create an environment where all of our team members and guests feel welcome, valued and respected’.

As bloggers and LGBT groups across the nation commended the retail giant for its equality advertisement, Snyder said on 27 July (Friday) that the company still remains neutral on the state’s upcoming marriage amendment that would explicitly define marriage in the state’s constitution as between a man and a woman.

Snyder said in a statement: ‘We recognize that there is a broad range of strongly held views on the MN Marriage amendment. Consistent with our longstanding support of civic engagement, we strongly encourage our team members to exercise their right to vote in November’.

Despite launching its same-sex wedding registry, Target has a history of conflicting positions on gay rights.

Earlier this month Target began selling greeting cards for same-sex newlyweds. However, one week earlier, the Minnesota company refused to sell openly gay R&B star Frank Ocean’s album.

In 2011, Target came under fire for making a political donation to gay marriage opponent and Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer.

Global pop-star and gay rights advocate Lady Gaga reportedly broke an exclusive album deal with Target because of said contributions. 



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