Tatler mag now supports lesbians

Editor Kate Reardon says: ‘We are nailing our colors to the mast and saying, as of now, gay women are wonderful.’

Tatler mag now supports lesbians
01 July 2012

British high society magazine Tatler is not the first place the gay community would look to find an ally, considering most issues tend to cover cucumber sandwich recipes and what to tip the gardener.

But Tatler’s August issue will ask on the front page ‘Where are all the lesbians?’ and profile ‘London’s loveliest lesbians’ including comedian Sue Perkins and actress Sophie Ward.

Editor Kate Reardon says this was all done to combat the absence of gay women in high social circles.

In an interview with The Times, Reardon said: ‘In English society there is a kind of weirdness about lesbians – people either seem frightened of them or titillated by them.

‘There’s a huge double standard. Gay men are entirely accepted in society and gay women aren’t.’

The magazine will host a black tie dinner on Thursday (5 July), unofficially titled the ‘Lesbian ball’, in which 200 women will be served by female waiters, bar staff and security guards.

When questioned by the British newspaper whether the issue was an effort to get the ‘pink pound’ on her side in a dwindling magazine market, she said: ‘I’m not a moron. I do know this will get attention, but it’s not gratuitious.’

Reardon said if anyone was upset by the issue, then they are clearly ‘shocked and upset by homosexuality.’

She added: ‘We are nailing our colors to the mast and saying, as of now, gay women are wonderful.’

The Independent reported that chief executive of gay rights charity Stonewall Ben Summerskill said gay men are not exactly on par in society with straight men and women.

He said: ‘To say gay men are entirely accepted is not supported by the evidence.’

Invitee to the ‘Lesbian Ball’ Jane Czyzselska, editor of lesbian and bisexual magazine Diva, said we live in a society where men are privileged over women, so it is reflected in lesbians and gay men too.

Referring to the profile choices, she said: ‘It’s a slightly random collection of women that only seem to have in common the fact that they are lesbians.’

Tatler’s ‘lesbian’ August issue is out on Thursday (5 July).  



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