Tea Party Nation head in gay tiger marriage rant

Far-right group says marriage would become a 'freak show' if it is legalized in the United States

Tea Party Nation head in gay tiger marriage rant
01 August 2012

The head of far-right US group Tea Party Nation has said if gay marriage is legalized, it would turn the institution into a freak show.

Ultra-conservative Judson Phillips sent an email to members saying gay marriage will ‘destroy the family’, and would one day lead to a marriage of ‘three men, five women, two dogs and a Bengal tiger’.

According to Right Wing Watch, Phillips said: ‘The left’s definition of equality is to allow anyone and anything to marry.

‘Traditionally marriage has worked well in America for centuries. It has always been one man and one woman.

‘Those who want to change this bear the burden of showing why this would be good for the nation. So far they have not.’

He added liberals are living in a delusion called ‘socialist reality’, and had been ‘making war on the family in America for 50 years.’

The Republican head found fame in the US last year when he organized the Tea Party Convention in 2010, where the former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin was the key-note speaker.

Phillips is also currently demanding President Barack Obama show proof that he has never had sex with a gay hustler, or doing crack cocaine.

A Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals spokesman told Gay Star News the charity was against people becoming intimate with tigers.

He said: ‘People often don’t know what they are getting themselves into with pets and that would be the case in particular with a Bengal tiger.

‘As we wouldn’t advocate having a Bengal tiger as a pet, we wouldn’t advocate marrying one either.’



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