Teacher accused of turning pupil lesbian

Educator in Florida, US, appeals for help after investigation into her conduct left her career in tatters

Teacher accused of turning pupil lesbian
14 November 2012

A teacher in Florida, US, is fighting against accusations that she turned a student into a lesbian.

The stepfather of a student at Deerfield Beach High School allegedly began harrassing his stepdaughter on Twitter last year after discovering she was gay.

When teacher Juliet Hibbs reported the parent for child abuse and cyberbullying, the 18-year-old pupil was told by a counselor she was not legally required to stay at home and moved out.

The stepfather then reported Hibbs to the school’s principal John Marlow, claiming she turned their child into a lesbian.

Despite the school district dropping an investigation into whether the teacher was guilty of misconduct, Hibbs claims the school should have handled the incident itself and believes she was being bullied out of her job.

‘My career has been ruined. Before Deerfield, I had an impeccable record,’ Hibbs told the Sun Sentinel.

Hibbs, who is now on medical leave, has filed a complaint with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the school district, Marlow and the Deerfield Beach High School assistant principal.

Writing on Facebook yesterday (13 November), she pleaded for help from TV’s Ellen DeGeneres Show.

‘I reported properly and I was charged with professional misconduct for reporting the abuse. This was a tactic by my bullying principal,’ Hibbs wrote.

She added: ‘I would love to help expose this type of abude. No one in the school district (Broward schools) seems to care.

‘All I want is a safe and secure educational environment for the staff and students.’



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