Teacher sends touching apology to trans student

A teacher at the American Academy of Art used the wrong pronouns while speaking to a student, and decided to apologize

Teacher sends touching apology to trans student
18 April 2013

A teacher has sent a touching apology to a transgender student.

Colban Clark, a freshman at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, shared a story from class on his Tumblr Artificially Gendered

As reported by Buzzfeed, he wrote: ‘Last Wednesday, one of my teachers that knows I’m trans* was talking to me in front of the class and used the wrong pronouns.

‘Five minutes later she came up to me, handing me a really nice brand new sketchbook and simply said ‘Merry Christmas’ and walked away.

‘I took the sketchbook and said thanks and I opened it up to find a note saying "Sorry I called you a she." Little things like this can just make my day.’

Clark said he wasn’t used to any teacher correcting themselves unless he corrected them first or said something.

He added: ‘I was really happy that she understood and realized what that meant to me.

‘I could tell she was embarrassed that she even made that mistake, which is why she gave me the sketchbook.

‘I was glad she didn’t make it a big deal and just stuck a note in a book. It was really casual and that way no one in class had to witness her apologizing and being clustered about even making the mistake.’



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