Teaser for new gay parenting film released

New film hopes to raise support for the rights of same-sex parents

Teaser for new gay parenting film released
18 October 2012

A behind the scenes trailer for a new documentary about same-sex parenting has been released on YouTube.

Invisible Parents is directed by Mike Buonaiuto, who also released a short feature film earlier in the year in support of same-sex marriage.

The teaser, available now online, features behind the scenes footage on the new film along with an interview with Buonaiuto.

The film is supported by organisations such as Pink Parenting and the Network of European LGBT Families Associations (NELFA).

Mike Buonaiuto says ‘In over 80% of Europe, the legal protection of same-sex couples and their children is not recognised in the eyes of the law.

‘With this project we’ve been able to build a team of professionals completely working on a voluntary basis. They believe that if you dedicate yourself to what you are passionate about and your talents, you can actually use those skills to make a difference.’

The whole campaign is designed to be shared on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

The film is released on November 5th.

Watch the trailer below:



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