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Teaser for pro-gay marriage advert released

Coalition for Equal Marriage supporting new military-themed film
A British soldier and his partner embrace in the teaser for Mike Buonaiuto's same-sex marriage commercial.

A teaser for a new advert supporting lesbian and gay marriage equality in Britain has been released.

Director Mike Buonaiuto is producing the commercial to run on YouTube - starting in the next two weeks - in support of the campaign for equal marriage rights.

The commercial will show members of the British forces arriving home and being greeted by their loved ones. It will attempt to rally support from Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #equalmarriage.

The teaser, which is online now, features a behind the scenes look at the commercial being filmed and interviews with Buonaiuto and producer Amber Phillips. It is being released in support of the Coalition for Equal Marriage (C4EM).

Buonaiuto told Gay Star News: ‘I decided to approach C4EM in order to spread the message further.’

The C4EM was set up by Conor Marron and James Lattimore in response to the Coalition for Marriage (CFM), a group lead by extremist Christians who are opposed to same-sex marriage equality.

You can sign C4EM’s petition at their website. It currently has just over 43,000 signatures in comparison to CFM’s anti-equal marriage petition, which has over 423,000.

See the teaser soon:

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