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Teen boy given up by adoptive parents for being gay in Italy

After the boy was bullied for being different, his unsympathetic parents took him back to the adoption home because he had ‘too many problems'
A 14-year-old boy was bullied for being gay, and his foster parents responded by giving him up for adoption.

An Italian teen boy was given up by his adopted Italian family for being gay, it was reported today (18 March).

The boy, 14, was abandoned by his biological parents as a baby. Described as ‘sweet, shy and insecure’, other children bullied him because of his sexuality.

But instead of providing support, his unsympathetic adoptive parents disowned him and took him back to the adoption home as it created ‘too many problems’.

The boy and the parents, from a small, unidentified Italian town, were given anonymity to protect the teen from further attacks and discrimination.

‘It created too many problems – we can’t handle it,’ the parents were quoted as saying in Il Messaggero.

‘At school his classmates don’t accept it. Everyone says to us why do you bother?’

As a result, the boy was put up for adoption for the second time.

The story has caused an outrage in Italian media, with columnist Marida Lombardo Pijola describing the couple as ‘undeserving of being parents’.

As translated by GSN, she writes: ‘Being a parent isn’t about having the necessary working parts.

‘Being a parent is not giving it up if the child makes you look bad. Being a parent is fighting for them and protecting them from hate.’

She added: ‘I dream of parents who are able to welcome you, love you, protect you, help you grow and recognize and accept each and every beautiful shade of your personality.

‘I dream of a world without homophobia, and I dream nothing like this ever happens to any child again.’

But while homophobia is still rife in Italy, largely due to the strong Catholic influence in the country, there is evidence views on gay rights are changing.

In January this year, The Local reported how a court in Palermo allowed a gay couple to foster a 16-year-old, in a case thought to be the first of its kind in Sicily.

And last year, Rome’s mayor Ignazio Marino said he was becoming more open to the idea of same-sex marriage.

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SINK / DINK ??? Considering most of us in the LGBT "Community" are in the "Single / Double Income No Kid(s)" demographic, what is the possibility of us financially supporting Youth Homes for LGBTI Youths? Small, painless contribution$ from many could accomplish much. There are far brainier persons on this site than I, but with our collected knowledge and abilities we could do this - at least in some countries.

At the very least, this boy is too young to emancipate, though setting up a trust fund for him and his future is entirely do-able. Now, how do "we" do it?

No doubt the adoptive parents are proud of choosing bigotry, they might even think that an Invisible Sky Monster approves of their actions.

When are "Breeders" going to get it figured out that a $1 (US) Condom can prevent a pregnancy from occurring? Yeah, that's right: they're not just for reducing the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's.) I mean even sharp 12 year olds, like the Kid in the clip below, know that!

As for the 14yo subject of this article, so far, he has had 2 bad sets of "Straight/Heterosexual" parents. Let's hope Italy finds a nice Gay/Lesbian couple with whom he can live and thrive.