Teen lesbian couple shot in the head

An 19-year-old girl is killed by gun shot wounds while her 18-year-old girlfriend is in hospital 

Teen lesbian couple shot in the head
26 June 2012

A teenage lesbian couple was shot in the head in a Texas public park on Saturday (23 June).

Mollie Olgin, 19, was killed while her girlfriend, Mary Christine Chapa, 18, is in a stable condition in hospital after undergoing emergency surgery.

Police are hunting for the attacker, but no arrests have been made.

Portland Police Chief Randy Wright said they cannot disregard the possibility that the young women’s sexuality had something to do with the attack.

He told MSNBC: ‘It appears as if this was not just a random attack but that’s something that we really have to develop over time.’

Investigators discovered a bullet casing from a gun next to the victims but have not yet found a weapon.

A resident living nearby reported hearing two loud bangs Friday (22 June) before midnight but believed they were from firecrackers, local newspaper Corpus Christi Caller said.

The girls were found 25 yards below a scenic overlook in the long grass, and Olgin’s car was parked nearby. Police believe they were found roughly 9 hours after being shot.

Olgin’s parents became worried when they received a call saying their daughter had not turned up to work at Taco Bell.

Chapa is now in a position to speak, and will be able to help police in finding her girlfriend’s killer.

The women had been dating for five months, and friends told MSNBC they could not think of why anyone would want to hurt the couple.

The fatal shooting has shocked the community where the last homicide happened two years ago.  



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