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Teen sues after DMV forced him to remove his makeup 'to look more male'

A 16-year-old, who identifies as gender non-conforming, was told his makeup could be construed to be a 'disguise'
Chase Culpepper is suing South Carolina for forcing him to remove his makeup at the DMV.

A teen is suing South Carolina after he was told to remove his make-up to 'look more male'.

Chase Culpepper, a 16-year-old who identifies as gender non-conforming and uses male pronouns, went to the department of motor vehicles earlier this year.

Even though the Anderson, South Carolina teen had passed the test, he was told to remove his make-up as it could be considered a disguise.

'It was wrong to be taken aside and told how I look doesn't fit with traditional gender roles and how I look is not even good enough to take a driver's license picture taken,' Culpepper said.

'And unfortunately, a lot of people like me have to go through this.'

Culpepper’s mother, Teresa, said: 'They said he was wearing a disguise. It was very hurtful. He was absolutely devastated. That’s who he is 24/7.'

The Transgender Legal Defense and Education fund is filing a lawsuit on behalf of Chase.

TLDEF Executive Director Michael Silverman said: 'It is not the role of the DMV or any government agency or employee to decide how men and women should look.

'Chase should be able to get a driver’s license without being subjected to sex discrimination.

The teen has argued a photo of him without make-up is more of misrepresentation of himself than a photo of him wearing it.

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This is USA, and we have have the right to use make-up.


This is USA, and we have have the right to use make-up


This is USA, and we have absolutely have the right to use make-up

Here in the United States, professional CLOWNS are required to register and Copyright their face(s). No One may use another clown's identity, period. It is highly protected. Arguably, if a clown is in make-up 16 hours a day 7 days a week, he/she should probably be photographed in costume for their ID Photo - though, their stage name should also be included.

Perhaps too "M" / "F" really is too restrictive and not identifying. This raises a very strong argument for a small genital picture to be included on all future state issued ID's. Of course, Peace Officers would then have to "de-brief" each person to confirm their gender identity.

I don't necessarily understand Chase's actions and preferences, but I do support HIM.