Teen who accused Obama of turning kids gay has lost his online radio show

US teen DJ, who is certain Obama makes kids gay, no longer has a show

Teen who accused Obama of turning kids gay has lost his online radio show
09 June 2012

Caiden Cowger will have to find another outlet for his views on President Barack Obama and the causes for sexuality. His recording service has pulled the plug.

The 14 year old DJ is enjoying a moment of Internet infamy due to his online commentary about Obama, Vice-President Joe, Biden, and teenage sexual experimentation.

‘They are encouraging kids to think, "Well, you know what? They’re talking about being a homosexual and they’re saying there’s nothing wrong with being gay, so you know what, I think I might try that out for a little bit." That is what’s going on!’

The young commentator, who hails from the southern state of West Virginia, also noted ‘homosexuality is a belief’ and is ‘sickened’ by it.

As reported by the Advocate, Spreaker, the service that recorded the Caiden Cowger Program, has hit the off button.

‘While we not only support free speech, we help it find its way to more people faster and easier with our service that is the audio equivalent of YouTube, but like them, we cannot and will not condone hate speech,’ said Francesco Baschieri, Spreaker CEO, in a statement. ‘Consequently, we have pulled down audio content from Caiden Cowger, whose recent gay-bashing clearly crosses the line from free — to hate — speech.’

On Cowger’s website, there is a video where he claims his YouTube account has been hacked. He added he will not back down from his past comments.



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