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Teens watch as South Africa gay man is beaten, set on fire

A 21-year-old was tied up with wire, beaten, tortured and left for dead in Western Cape
South Africa teens watched as David Olyn, 21, was set on fire.

A young gay man was tortured, beaten, set on fire in South Africa as teens watched on, it was reported this week.

David Olyn, 21, from Ceres was killed over the weekend in front of six people who did nothing.

On Saturday evening (22 March), the youths aged 14 to 18 were invited by a man to watch how he was ‘going to kill a moffie [a gay slang term, similar to fag]’.

They arrived near a dam where they saw the victim was already covered in blood and tied up with wire.

The teens were told to watch as the alleged attacker bashed Olyn on the head with a brick and jumped on his face while shouting ‘Voetsek! [Fuck off!].

The teenagers told the Son daily Afrikaans newspaper that they wandered off without telling anyone about the incident.

They only returned to the scene the next day to see if the 21-year-old was still alive. He wasn’t.

Afterwards they informed a woman about the lifeless and half naked burnt body, and she called the police.

Chief reporter Maahir Pretorius described the incident as having little impact on the kids.

‘I spoke to those kids and they were kicking a ball around and I though that perhaps they needed help or counselling, but this was nothing new for them. They are exposed to violence on a daily basis,’ he told MambaOnline.

The police arrested the alleged murderer on Sunday (23 March).

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