Televangelist Pat Robertson says gays are possessed

During 700 Club broadcast, he claims homosexuality 'is somehow related to demonic possession'

Televangelist Pat Robertson says gays are possessed
26 March 2012

Televangelist Pat Robertson, known to make several anti-gay statements in the past, called homosexuality a 'denomic possession' on his 700 Club television show Monday (26 March).

After a filmed piece on a married man who 'trolled the streets longing for cheap sex with other men' with his wife at home clueless to what was going on, Robertson described the man's behavior this way: 'He's obsessed, he has a compulsion. I would think it is somehow related to demonic possession.'

The man and his wife have stayed married and he is attempting to supress his desires.

Robertson's comments are aimed at the man for having sex outside his marriage but also for engaging in homosexual behavior.

'The world today says, okay, so you are gay. You want to have affairs with men, that's cool. Why not?' Robertson told viewers. 'That's not the right attitude. The attitude is that this is a sin, it's wrong.'

Robertson is often at the center of controversy for comments he makes on his morning show. He once said Hurricane Katrina was God's punishment in response to America's abortion policy and that gays and lesbians were partly to blame for the Sept. 11 attacks on the US.

Here is video from the 700 Club segment:



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