Ten more senators needed to pass same-sex marriage, Aussie gay marriage group say

Gay marriage advocates urge Australians to contact undecided senators

Ten more senators needed to pass same-sex marriage, Aussie gay marriage group say
12 July 2012

Australian Marriage Equality (AME) said today that only ten more votes are needed pass same-sex marriage through the Australian senate.

In a statement the advocacy group call on Australians to contact the undecided senators to give the legislation allowing gay marriage the chance of being passed.

According to AME, 20 out of the 76 senators in the house are against same-sex marriage and 27 are undecided or undeclared.

The group have started a campaign page on their website where voters can see which senators in their state are undecided. The site then directs them to the senators’ contact details so voters can lobby them on the issue.

The campaign was launched yesterday, and has already seen 10,000 emails being sent to senators, AME said.

Alex Greenwich, national convener of AME, said:

‘Only ten more votes are needed for the Senate to pass a reform that will strengthen families, provide couples with greater security, and fulfil the aspirations of a clear majority of Australians.’

Greenwich added that as the senate inquiry into same-sex marriage was so supportive and the house has strong advocates for the issue such as Penny Wong, the senate is ‘the obvious chamber to start the marriage equality debate and vote.’



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