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Tennis great Billie Jean King says there will be a gay US president one day

Openly lesbian tennis legend Billie Jean King has told NBC’s Meet The Press that she believes there will be a gay President of the United States one day – but not in her lifetime
Billie Jean King
Photo by White House Photo Office

Billie Jean King has said that she believes there will be an openly gay or lesbian President of the United States ahead of her trip to Russia for the Sochi Winter Olympics.

‘Not in my lifetime, but I think there will be some day,’ King told NBC’s Harry Smith.

However she was more optimistic about the chances that she would see a female president elected before she dies.

‘From your lips to God’s ears, please Harry, please – we have to have a woman president,’ King said.

King also spoke about the importance of her and other openly gay athletes playing such a big part in the US delegation to the Sochi Games.

‘Just showing up, there’s a message [in that]. When You see us stand there and know we’re openly gay but more importantly we’re athletes,’ King said.

King revealed she is stressed about going to Sochi but believes it is safe for her to go.

‘I think there will be ample security for us, and I think we need to be alert,’ King said.

‘I’ve thought about that. I get stressed out if I start to think about it [but] I have to go.

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