Tens of thousands march for gay marriage in France

Demonstrators in cities across France, including Paris, call on the government to pass equal marriage bill

Tens of thousands march for gay marriage in France
17 December 2012

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of France to call for gay marriage to be legalized.

Around 150,000 people joined the ‘demonstration for equality’ in Paris’s

Place de la Bastille yesterday (16 December), urging the government to pass a same-sex marriage bill.

Protesters carried banners with slogans including ‘The right for all to choose’, ‘Love Has No Barriers’ and ‘Talk About Love’, reported France 24.

Rallies were also held in several other cities in France, including Toulouse, Marseille, Lyon and Nantes.

The French parliament is set to debate the proposed ‘marriage for everyone’ law on 29 January, days after a second pro-gay marriage demonstration planned for 27 January.

However, the bill has faced fierce opposition from right-wing traditionalists and religious groups who have also held angry protests in cities across the country in recent weeks.

Nevertheless, President François Hollande’s Socialists are currently enjoying a strong majority and are expected to pass the law.

A nationwide poll by firm IFOP on Saturday (15 December) shows gay marriage is backed by 60% of respondents with 46% supporting the right for same-sex couples to adopt.

The religious opposition will march again on 13 January, claiming gay marriage will lead to polygamy and incest.



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